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Commercial Solar Power Systems & Solar Hot Water Systems

"The increase in appraisal value for a home is about twenty (20) times the annual reduction in operating costs due to energy efficiency measures."

- Rick Nevin in the Appraisal Journal

Elite Solar Services is proud of its association as a dealer member of Solar Energy .com (www.SolarEnergy.com), one of the fastest growing dealer networks in the U.S. Offerings include selling and installing solar solutions to homeowners and commercial customers; placing solar systems on large commercial buildings and selling the energy output to owner/occupants; and becoming a developer of solar parks bringing landowners, utilities and their corporate resources to build large photovoltaic installations. Let one of our solar experts do a shading analysis with our Solmetric Suneye tool and see exactly what your site can produce. We’ll even calculate the LEED onsite renewable energy credits you can qualify for.

Solar Hot Water For Commercial Applications

Solar Hot Water Heater

A custom designed system providing Solar Hot Water returns a quicker payback than other types of solar energy systems available today.

Solar Hot Water systems do not generate electricity, but rather capture the Sun’s heat in the form of thermal energy and transfer this thermal energy directly to water at over 70% efficiency. This saves electricity or gas by greatly decreasing the amount of purchased energy needed to provide hot water to your facility. In taking proven solar domestic hot water technology and adding the economies of scale in commercial applications the pay back period can be as little as 3 years. An immediate payback in increased property value occurs the day the system comes online.

The greater your need for hot water the quicker the returns on investment. You are a candidate if you…

  • Spend $5,000 or more annually heating water
  • Have a sunny roof area
  • Have space for the required equipment
  • Want to save $$$ while helping the environment
Installing an Elite Solar Hot Water System will result in savings and enhanced property value. Here are just a few of the advantages…
  • Speedy payback on investment, as little as 3 years
  • More than 70% reduction in energy used for domestic hot water
  • Every $1 spent on Elite Solar Hot Water can increase property value by $2. On investment properties, the decreased utility costs can increase Net Operating Income enough to increase the property value (based on the income approach) by as much as twice the cost of the system.
  • Projected 30-40 year lifespan between rebuilds.
  • Points toward LEED certification

Photovoltaics (PV) For Commercial Applications

Solar Panels

PV panels or film are designed specifically to generate electricity for at least 6 hours a day. This electricity can power your facility or be sold to the Utility.

With the installation of solar electric system you will take advantage of a natural resource delivered free of charge to your roof and reduce your exposure to escalating energy prices as you do your part to protect our environment.

Elite Solar Services can bring commercial scale PV to your facility. You are a candidate if you…

  • Want to lock in today’s electric rates
  • Have interest in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Want to invest in an appreciating asset
  • Want to save $$$ while helping the environment
Installing an Elite Solar PV system will result in savings and enhanced property value. Here are just a few of the advantages…
  • Photovoltaic technology is clean, silent, visually unobtrusive and has no moving parts.
  • PV panels have a long life (+25 years)
  • PV systems can be sized based on any energy requirements
  • Electric rate increases have a diminished affect on Net Operating Income
  • Current incentives reward early adopters – get it while it’s hot!
  • Points toward LEED certification

Swimming Pool Solar Heat For Commercial Applications

Solar pool

Of all the heating options available for commercial swimming pools solar is the most cost effective.

Pool solar heating will replace up 85% of the present energy expended to maintain temperature in your pool. An $8,000 to $10,000 system could pay for itself in as little as 2 years. Pool solar can make use of roof areas, or as with all solar systems be ground mounted.

If you are not using solar to heat you pool you should. You are a candidate if you…

  • Need to maintain a temperature year round.
  • Want to capture free energy from the sun.
  • Need to cut energy expenses in your facility.
  • Wish to green your facility.
Installing an Elite Solar Pool Heating System will result in savings and enhanced property value. Here are just a few of the advantages…
  • Speedy payback of your investment.
  • Our solar heaters have the best warranty (10 yr) and are safe, reliable, and efficient.
  • Drawing on 25 years of swimming pool contracting experience, our installation and service are second to none.
  • Our panels output 950 to 1000 btus of heat per square foot.
  • Points toward LEED certification

A/E and Contractor


Elite Solar Services works with architects, engineers and contractors as well as institutional and private clients in the pursuit of innovative excellence in solar thermal, solar electric and wind energy systems.

Specializing in design-build projects and integrating the resources of the largest and fastest growing network of solar integrators in North America, we never lose sight of our client’s vision. Our design-build approach allows a turnkey solution for projects both large and small. Our passion for research into cutting edge technology helps you to evaluate risk/reward relationships when it comes to options available in today’s fast moving world of renewable energy. If we don’t know about it, we’d like you to tell us so we can expand our product knowledge and offerings. This is a brave new world and together we can be part of the solution.

Our financial experts will assist in presenting the most up-to-date financing/lease/power purchase agreement concepts to you, your clients and their stakeholders. We offer financing for large projects through our network. Ask Monica Kennedy 941-343-6100 how you can integrate a system into your new or existing facility with little or no money. We also offer education opportunities for your trade group or association.

Financial Analysis of 25kw Photovoltaic System

The following conditions apply to this example
    Electric Rate $0.1262/kwh
    Utility Annual Inflation Rate 3.78%
    Federal Income Tax Rate 28%
    Loan Modeling 6.5% APR for 30yrs
    Cost per DC Watt $6.50

    Gross Cost-before any rebates $165,100
LESS Financial Incentives
    FL Solar Energy System Incentives Program $100,000
    Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit $1,056
    Federal Tax Credit (30% of Gross Cost) $49,530
    Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System YES
    Monthly Loan Payment $96
    Appreciation in Property Value $92,136 to 239,554
    First Year Utility Savings $4,607 to $11,978
    Average Monthly Utility Savings
    Over 25 year expected life of system
    $644 to $1,675
    Average Annual Utility Savings
    Over 25 year expected life of system
    $7,732 to $20,104
    Return on Investment (ROI)
    Using Solar System ave. cost as asset value
    Return on Investment (ROI)
    Using system cost less Property appreciation as asset value
    Cash Positive to Start
    Internal Rate of Return (IRR) >50%
    Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Saved
    Over 25 year system life
    722 tons

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